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ChainDatabaseFormatBlockheightSizeFullCreation date
direct linkpolkadotparitydbpruned12367912102G124GFri 07 Oct @ 01:20
direct linkksmcc3paritydbpruned14769885157G179GFri 07 Oct @ 01:36



Snapshots are compressed backups of the database directory of a polkadot or kusama node. If you start a node for the first time it will start building from start (genesis), which will take a while. If you download an up to date database your node will be up and running quicker.

The snapshots are available for kusama --chain ksmcc3 and polkadot --chain polkadot in the paritydb --database paritydb database format. They are pruned with --pruning 1000, which is sufficient for a validator node.

Automatic install

The following script can restore a snapshot for a quickstart. If you want you can first review it on github. You can choose "snapinstall" for a snapshot restore. The script will ask some questions and create an restore script which you can review before executing.

The script is for ubuntu/debian flavoured servers.

curl -o- -L | bash

Install the database directly


The default binary/systemctl from the apt repository will run as user "polkadot". If you install as root you will get an error "failed to create a test file: Permission denied". You can solve this by running chown -R polkadot:polkadot paritydb

Install to /root/.local/share/polkadot/chains/<chain> or change to your target directory.

Paritydb kusama

curl -o - -L | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C /root/.local/share/polkadot/chains/ksmcc3

Paritydb polkadot

curl -o - -L | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C /root/.local/share/polkadot/chains/polkadot